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Starkie Mak

Studied Post-graduate diploma in Fine Arts and Integrated Arts in the University of Hong Kong.

She believes art is a product of your creativity which acts as a good media coverage your thoughts and emotions. Inspired by two great art teachers at a younger age, she has decided to take art as a life career and never cease to paint. Her artworks are not limited by classic drawing techniques whereas some new drawing techniques are invented to create stylish drawings and paintings. Her artworks can perfectly convey messages through the application of colours and the gesture of lines. 

Starkie believes criticism of art logically and objectively are essential and indispensable. These practices bring her art creation to a whole new level. 

She is teaching kids art drawing simultaneously for over eight years. It benefits her and surprisingly stimulates and inspires her in her own art creation as well. She gains raving reviews in previous exhibitions and currently she is working on her new series of drawings. 

Recent years, Starkie illustrates for the children magazine and working on story illustrations with publisher currently.

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